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Christina, Founder

Christina Tan

Christina Tan is the founder and coach at EloquentSpeaking.

Her calling is to help founders reach true understanding of their vision, true understanding of each other, and true understanding of themselves; then coach founders to communicate themselves in the most powerful and authentic way.

Christina works directly with founders at critical times of their fundraising and cofounder conflicts. Global clients range from VC funded startups to incubators spanning across San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Toronto, and Waterloo.


Since Christina started working with me, we worked on drafting a speech for a thousand-people audience, preparing for the $11M fundraising pitch, and techniques for facilitating meetings with corporate partners, etc. She tailors content to my needs so I can learn in the best way. We conquered tons of projects together! FOVE is growing up with the support of EloquentSpeaking. Thank you, Christina.
Yuka Kojima Yuka Kojima CEO, FOVE
Christina ran two highly engaging, informative, fun and interactive sessions on the power of networking and how to be effective networkers to unlock our potential. Christina is a powerhouse - she lights up the room with her passion for excellence and communications, this energy is infectious.
Trishala Pillai Trishala Pillai Co-chair, TEDxUW 2015
Christina can brag the essence of our product through a pitch deck instantly without any background knowledge and transform the presentation into something way more appealing to the audience. I could never pitch with such confidence and fineness today without her help. She is so creative and she can always customize the pitching story and style that are best suited for a specific client. She is also a very warm and sincere person whom you will feel easy to open up to and share thoughts with.
Debbie Wu Debbie Wu CEO of Tricoplot
I worked one-on-one with Christina to prepare for investor pitches I had lined up for my startup. Christina created an incredibly comfortable environment that encouraged me to attempt new techniques for executing my pitch. I felt confident leaving our session armed with actionable tools to continue improving my public speaking and pitching techniques.
Chris Buttenham Chris Buttenham Founder & CEO of Tasytt

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