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Crafting a Winning Startup Pitch

Presenting Yourself with Credibility

Networking: Make Yourself Unforgettable

Personal Coaching

Public Speaking

Accent Reduction

Overcoming Social Stage Fright

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Christina, Founder

Christina Tan

I’m Christina, the founder of EloquentSpeaking.

I'm here to help you develop the communication skills you need to propel your career forward .

My mission is to make simple yet powerful communications techniques universally accessible and adopted.

Why? Because when you transform the way you communicate and refine the message you truly believe in, you will also transform your relationships, your career, and your life .

Over the last four years of my career, I’ve trained thousands of students, engineers, and entrepreneurs on how to present their ideas and themselves with the impact they deserve.


Since Christina started working with me, we worked on drafting a speech for a thousand-people audience, preparing for the $11M fundraising pitch, and techniques for facilitating meetings with corporate partners, etc. She tailors content to my needs so I can learn in the best way. We conquered tons of projects together! FOVE is growing up with the support of EloquentSpeaking. Thank you, Christina.
Yuka Kojima Yuka Kojima CEO, FOVE
Christina ran two highly engaging, informative, fun and interactive sessions on the power of networking and how to be effective networkers to unlock our potential. Christina is a powerhouse - she lights up the room with her passion for excellence and communications, this energy is infectious.
Trishala Pillai Trishala Pillai Co-chair, TEDxUW 2015
It helps a lot to have concrete guidelines on how to enter, maintain, and exit conversations smoothly.
Joanne Atlee Joanne Atlee Head Coordinator, WICS UW
Christina’s abilities to tailor the workshop and feedback to individual participants were truly impressive.
Mingyi Biar Mingyi Bian President of YNCN 2015, University of Toronto Engineering

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